EuroEcho - Imaging took place in Vienna, Austria from December 2nd to the 6th, 2014. The congress experienced a new record of 3600 participants. It was organized by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI).

CCI was well represented with many participants from OUH. Dr. Jørg Saberniak won an award for the best poster for the second year in a row.
CCI had all together four poster presentations.
Doctors Nina E. Hasselberg (picture) and Ida Skrinde Leren had oral poster presentations and Dr. Hasselbergs's poster was also presented at the congress highlight session.
Doctors Trine F. Håland and Petter Storsten presented their posters during the poster sessions.

Associate professor Kristina H. Haugaa and professor Thor Edvardsen had invited lectures. Members of the CCI also had numerous positions as chairmen and some of them were also acting as experts in different sessions. 
Prof. Thor Edvardsen was elected as Treasurer in EACVI (2014-2016) and is the current Chair of the EACVI Scientific Committee.

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The Cardiac Modeling Department at Simula Research Laboratory hosted an international workshop on cardiac modeling from the 5th till the 7th of November at Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo.

The workshop consisted of a wide range of scientific sessions including investigation into atrial dynamics, molecular and subcellular dynamics, models of cardiac disease, cardiac electrophysiology, mechanics and growth modeling, modeling tools for electrophysiology and geometric and metamodeling techniques.

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Marcio Barros, MD, PhD, Laboratory Head of Echocardiography at Hospital Mater Dei, Brasil, recently visited CCI in a joint collaboration study.

The study focuses on the use of mechanical dispersion assessed by two-dimensional strain echocardiography in the evaluation of Chagas disease ICD patients comparing with Chagas disease patients without ICD. The purpose of this study has been to evaluate this new technique in the assessment of potential predictors from malignant arrhythmias. 

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Article titled Vigorous physical activity impairs myocardial function in patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy and in mutation positive family members has been published in the online edition of the renowed European Journal of Heart Failure on October 16th.

Authors; Jørg Saberniak, Nina E. Hasselberg, Rasmus Borgquist, Pyotr G Platonov, Sebastian I. Sarvari, Hans-Jørgen Smith, Margareth Ribe, Anders G. Holst, Thor Edvardsen and Kristina H. Haugaa

Picture: Cover Image Vol 16 Issue 11

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Det årlige Work Package Review møtet til Center for Cardiological Innovation ble holdt på Lysebu, Oslo, torsdag 30.10.

Mange av sentrets medlemmer møtte opp til en fullpakket dag med gruppemøter, presentasjoner, analyser, og gjennomgang av sentrets fokusområder. Gode ideer og tilbakemeldinger ble løftet frem og innovasjon sto høyt på agendaen.

Fra venste bakerst; Håvard Kalvøy, Fred Johan Pettersen, Andreas Heimdal, Lars-Ove Gammelsrud, Henrik Finsberg, Samuel Wall, Stian Ross, Joachim Haga

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PhD student at Simula Research Laboratory, Gabriel Balaban, is giving a presentation titled: "Least Squares Fitting of A Cardiac Hyperelasticity Model Using an Automatically Derived Adjoint Equation" at the 27th Seminar on Computational Mechanics in Stockholm, Sweden on Friday 24th.

Joakim Sundnes, a Senior Research Scientist from Simula Research Laboratory is holding an invited lecture titled; "Computational models of electro-mechanical interactions in the heart" on Friday 24th. Joakim Sundnes also holds chair duty for Numerical Methods 1, under Technical Sessions the same day. 

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Kardiologisk Høstmøte, 16-18 Oktober på Fornebu, Oslo.

Jørg Saberniak, PhD student fra CCI holdt en muntlig presentasjon med tittel:
Right ventricular diameter is superior to right ventricular outflow tract to predict ventricular arrhythmias in subjects with ARVC

Senter Direktør Thor Edvardsen, MD, PhD, holdt et invitert foredrag med tittel: Stråling og cytostatika - farlig for hjertet?

Les programmet her

Fra venstre; Helge Skulstad, Petter Storsten,
Jørg Saberniak,  Ida Skrinde Leren, Kristina Haugaa, Thor Edvardsen


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Center Director Thor Edvardsen and Center Director of Cardiology Research Kristina Haugaa published in renowned European Heart Journal, online edition, with their journal article titled: Electromechanical window negativity in genotyped long-QT syndrome patients: Relation to arrhythmia risk.

The European Heart Journal has an impactfactor of 14.723, with annually increasing importance. Its a weekly published peer-reviewed journal and also the Official Journal of the European Society of Cardiology, aiming to publish the highest quality clinical and research material on all aspects of cardiovascular medicine.

Picture: Cover for October Issue, 2014
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Thomas Muri Stokke, a medical student participating in the medical student research program, is to publish in Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography togheter with his supervisors. His research focus is on pocket-sized ultrasound equipment.

Article is titled: Brief Group Training of Medical Students in Focused Cardiac Ultrasound May Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Examination

Stokke participated in a study with focus on improving the detection of clinically relevant cardiac lesions at the patient bedside. The results of the study are currently in press.

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PhD student at GE Vingmed Ultrasound, Jørn Bersvendsen et al. got their study titled; Automatic measurement of aortic annulus diameter in 3-dimensional Transoesophageal echocardiography published in BMC Medical Imaging.

With this study, they have demonstrated the feasibility of an efficient and fully automatic measurement of the aortic annulus in patients with aortic disease. The algorithm robustly measured the aortic annulus diameter, providing measurements indistinguishable from those done by cardiologists.

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Associate professor Kristina Haugaa receives NOK 50 000 from LHL for research on Saturday 20th of September.

The Norwegian Association for Lung and Heart Disease is a democratic 
membership organization that looks after the interests of those affected by heart and lung disease, including their immediate family and relatives.

Research funds through LHL are provided by Extrastiftelsen Helse og Rehabilitering.

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Center for Heart Failure Research hosted their 12th annual Symposium at Rica Holmenkollen Park Hotel from the 17th of September to the 19th.

Representing CCI this year were, among others, Center Director Thor Edvardsen, Center Director of Cardiology Research Kristina Haugaa, PhD students Ida Skrinde Leren, Trine S. Fink Håland and Nina Eide Hasselberg.

PhD student Ida Skrinde Leren won the Best Poster Award for her poster titled: Long QT syndrome - an electro mechanical disease. It was presented during Poster Session V - Diagnostic and Therapeutical Strategies for Cardial Disease.

PhD student Nina Eide Hasselberg won the Best Poster Award for her poster titled: Longitudinal myocardial function by echocardiographic strain predicts mortality in heart failure patients with cardiac resynchronization therapy. It was presented during Poster Session III - Cardiac Function During Heart Failure and Exercise Training.

See the program here

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Center Deputy Director Samuel Wall, PhD, gave a talk at Computers in Cardiology Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on September 10th.

Talk titled; Bidomain Simulations of Subendocardial Ischemia:  The Forward and Inverse Problems

CINC has as a goal to encourage engineers and computer scientists to interact closely and productively with physiologists and clinicians, thus laying the ground for new and productive cooperation.

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Kristin McLeod is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Cardiac Modeling (CaMo) Department, Simula Research Laboratory. Since October 2013 she has been collaborating with CCI and GEVU in the devlopment of next generation ultrasound systems for cardiology.

McLeod represented CCI at the Virtual Physiological Human Conference in Trondheim, giving an oral presentation of her poster titled Metamodelling of Structural Abnormalities in the ARVC Heart.

As stated on the VPH webpage:
The plenary themes for VPH2014 highlight that

(i) the establishment of a digital representation of the individual is key to realising a real personalized medicine
(ii) that a quantitative understanding of the physiology of the ageing individual is mission critical for understanding, preventing and treating complex disease
(iii) model repositories, standards and efficient data integration technologies are major pillars for the VPH mission as such
(iv) the integration of genomic information with multiscale computational physiology provides the foundation for bridging the genotype-to-phenotype gap.  All plenary presentations will respect the disciplinary heterogeneity of the audience so that we achieve an efficient communication between the various expertise fields.

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This years ESC Congress was held in Barcelona, Spain.
Over 30 000 cardiology professionals were present in the biggest yearly event within the field of cardiology.

European Society of Cardiology aims to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Europe. The ESC provides an array of scientific and educational activities, such as the production and continuous updating of Clinical Practice Guidelines, the organisation of educational courses and initiatives, pan-European surveys on specific disease areas.

Center Director Professor Thor Edvardsen was one of the invited speakers.
His topic was Chest pain in the emergency room

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Ny dansk forskning har ført til en nærmest tredobling av kjente gener medvirkende i LQTS (langt QT-tid-syndrom), en sykdom som kan føre til plutselig hjertestans. Det er to studier, publisert i anerkjente Nature Genetics og Nature Methods, som tar for seg QT-intervallene fra EKG, og metoder for å bedre identifisere spesifikke gener innblandet i LQTS.

Kristina Haugaa, Førsteamanuensis ved Kardiologisk avdeling ved UiO og ekspert på LQTS, ser frem til nye muligheter for å bedre diagnostisere og behandle pasienter i fremtiden. I et intervju med NRK.no forteller Dr. Haugaa at pasienter har frem til dagens dato blitt testet for de fem mest vanlige gener assosiert med sykdommen. En økning fra 12 kjente gener til 35 gener fører til at en større gruppe av pasienter kan nå bli fanget opp og tilbudt behandling.

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‘Gender matters’ Cardiostim Times, issue 2 Friday June 20th

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Within the category ‘A1, mixed teams, most male participants’ Center for Cardiological Innovation was placed number 348 out of 1522 teams, with a total time of 1:13:45. The team goal is to improve the results at next years relay!

The following CCI employees participated in the relay: Krissy McLeod, Marianne Weberg, Margareth Ribe, Jakub Czana, Jørn Bersvendsen, Eigil Samset, Marit Kristine Smedsrud, Sebastian Sarvari, Sam Wall, Petter Storsten, Gabriel Balaban, Thor Edvardsen, Ida Skrinde Leren, Espen Bøe and Espen Remme.

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Contributions by CCI employees at the American College of Cardiology (ACC), Washington, DC March 29–31, 2014

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Stian Ross (MD) started working at CCI February 10th 2014.
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Simula Research Laboratory was rewarded with the Ministry of Education and Research’s Gender Equality Price 2013.

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