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Marie Beer Sangvig

Headshot - Marie Beer Sangvig

Marie Beer Sangvig, BA (Hons) Business Information Management, Leeds Metropolitan University, Product Expert at Sesam.io

Marie Beer Sangvig is the project coordinator from Sesam.io.

She will be the point of contact and make sure that PrCardio gets the resources they require at the right time and follow up on any issues that might arise.  She will work closely with our product expert who will be contributing in the R & D activities together with other partners.

Marie has a background from oil and gas in Stavanger working with information management. She started working or Sesam as she saw if the companies she worked for had a datahub, it would make her job within Information management much easier.

 Going from information management to data management has been an exciting journey. At Sesam she enjoys working with the product doing  data transformations as a product expert. To help steer and control projects so we meet a common goal is equally exciting and this latter part is what Marie will be doing for ProCardio.