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Mary M. (Molly) Maleckar

Headshot - Mary M. (Molly) Maleckar

Molly Maleckar, PhD, is a Research Professor at Simula Research Laboratory.

Molly Maleckar is a primary Principle Investigator and the PROCardio Technical Coordinator as a member of the Management Group.

Dr. Maleckar counts with long and successful experience in leading scientific teams and directing large scientific efforts both at Simula and at renowned international institutions, including tenure at the Allen Institute in Seattle, WA, and co-leadership of a recently concluded Marie Curie Training Network (AFib-TrainNet) and co-management of a Norwegian Centre for Research-based Innovation (Centre for Cardiological Innovation). She has led or co-led numerous international projects with European and North American partners in both national and pan-European funding instruments.

Dr. Maleckar’s expertise is core to the PROCardio Centre’s goals: central to her research interests are the use of multi-scale computation and simulation of the heart to lend mechanistic insight to ischemic heart disease, fibrotic disease, and atrial fibrillation. Her aim is to further couple these powerful, biophysically-based simulation technologies to advances in machine learning to improve diagnosis and prognosis in the clinic, making her well-suited to drive this effort in PROCardio. Furthermore, her current leadership on national and international scientific boards will augment the Centre’s impact by dissemination and connection to other synergistic efforts.