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Spring Workshop 2022

ProCardio Spring Workshop 2022. Image: OUS

The day started with a Board meeting before the other members arrived. Before lunch, the different partners gave brief reviews on their projects and progress in ProCardio. After lunch, participants were divided into 8 different working groups to focus on different topics and solutions. Towards the end of the day, everyone gathered again to present their work.

Photos from the workshop. Images: Maria Ruud

The time spent in the workshop groups was well spent, and several new ideas were brought forward. Some of the groups focused on written work while others presented new hands-on technology.

In the evening, the ProCardio members were invited to a dinner at the nearby Eckbo Selskapslokaler where discussions could continue over dinner. Thanks to all who participated at this great event. The collaboration has been excellent and we are looking forward to meeting you all in person again in September!

Photos from the dinner. Images: Maria Ruud